Co-Founder, CEO, Producer, Head engineer: Oliver Ignatius.

Oliver Ignatius is an autodidact who grew up overseas as the son of two traveling, career driven journalists.  A young self-motivated Oliver started cultivating what would become a lifelong obsession with music from a disassociated perspective. Following an uncomfortable brush with mainstream pop music success as a young teenager, Ignatius found himself unfulfilled by the music industry and wanting to help others realize the sounds in their heads. He founded Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen in 2010, and worked tirelessly to cultivate his reputation as a skilled recording engineer and producer. He has since attracted an expansive network of musicians and other artists that has often functioned as an ever-expanding collaborative community.  Oliver’s greatest pleasure is getting inside the brain center of each project, tailoring his approach to match the sounds coming in. Although steeped in psychedelic pop, soul and experimental music, he makes it his business to basically like everything if it has heart and personality. He is equal parts influenced by a childhood spent in Asia, an adolescence devouring British music weeklies, and a couple years in young adulthood as a psychedelic nomad. When not recording, he finds that he has become a gentlemen farmer, collaborating with his family on animal rescue projects.

Co-Founder, Manager and artistic director: Bernadette Higgins

Bernadette hatched the original concept for Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen, and has been an irreplaceable part of the operation ever since. As the artist director and visual visionary behind the studio’s many iterations, and as the chief mover and shaker behind the now legendary Chaos series of MCFK events, she has worn many hats and is skilled at creating environments, coordinating vibrations, and making sure that all the myriad moving parts are functioning to their highest potential. She studied sculpture at SVA, and is a gifted jeweler, painter, illustrator and designer. When not at work at Holy Fang, she is the force of nature behind the Fortunate Bones line of jewelry, and the chief officer of the MCFK Homestead.


CO-Founder and Outreach organizer:  Miguel Horowitz

Growing up in NJ, MMH’s fascination with music began at an early age, when he was riveted by a TV documentary on Jimi Hendrix. His adolescence and college-years were spent developing his musicianship and sci-fi art. He spent several years in Boston co-founding the art gallery and performance venue Yes Ou Si, where he was exposed to many aspects of the music world and realized his passions for DIY culture. Around this time he became a fundamental part of the Mama Coco’s collective. He worked in the fashion industry in NYC for some time, before giving it up to study music production in Berlin. It was his passion for philanthropy and social justice that led him to team up and co-found Holy Fang, and he is the chief coordinator of the Holy Fang Scholarship Program for underprivileged artists.

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Henry’s recording career began while still in high school. He gained early experience by recording his friends’ bands to a cassette 4-track, and eventually graduated to the Tascam 388, an 8-track reel-to-reel machine. As someone learning to engineer in the 21st century, Henry’s trajectory has been converse to most, first utilizing analog techniques and then crossing over into the digital realm. He now prefers to work with both formats in the hybrid setup at Holy Fang.
Henry has been participating in projects at Holy Fang since 2016, and officially joined the team as an engineer in 2018, working with bands such as Dolly Spartans and Laszlo and the Hidden Strength


Junior Engineer:  Alex Bradford

Alex Bradford is a NYC based engineer, producer and musician. He was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and was surrounded by music as far back as he can remember. His education began with a wide array of sounds: from Santana to Dylan, The Doors to The Temptations, and he would eventually start playing piano at the age of 6. Although he loved the piano, he wasn’t keen on practicing it, and soon discovered that writing his own music could be much more gratifying than drilling scales. As he delved further into the musical universe he began to pick up whatever instruments he could come across, and suddenly he found himself composing, arranging and collaborating with other musicians as well. It was then he knew he’d found something…

Many years later, as his singing voice began to mature, Alex wound up playing several roles in his school musicals, enjoying the opportunity to perform, in sharp contrast to the obligatory nature of his earlier piano recitals. This would eventually take him to the nearby University of Oklahoma to study Musical Theatre. His talent as a musician was recognized immediately, and he began shadowing the music directors, assisting on several productions throughout his tenure, sharping his conducting and arranging skills. Although the education would prove valuable, the rigidity of musical theatre form left little room for experimentation. It was after classes that he would go home and expand on his own musical visions, teaching himself how to record and edit sounds and eventually releasing his own self-produced album during his sophomore year. The experience of writing, recording and releasing an album was an exhilarating challenge and served to whet his appetite for the recording studio.  

After receiving his diploma (and promptly tossing his cap and gown in the garbage) he packed a suitcase and a guitar and moved to NYC. He began working immediately, playing on the local scene in several different groups and developing his engineering skills in between stints. Looking to get out of recording “in the box,” Alex eventually took on an internship at the enigmatic studio, Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen, in Brooklyn. In just a few months, his knowledge of recording and mixing expanded by leaps and bounds, lovingly guided by incomparable engineer/producer, Oliver Ignatius. He has since worked with Ezra Miller and Dan Fogler from the Fantastic Beasts series, contemporary composer Joey Contreras, as well as several artists and bands throughout the tri-state area. Alex is beyond grateful to call Holy Fang his home.