WHO ARE WE?

Holy Fang is a high quality, full-service analog/digital recording studio in the heart of East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Founded and operated by Bernadette Higgins, Miguel Horowitz and Oliver Ignatius, and formed out of the bones of long-running DIY institution Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen, Holy Fang is the place to realize your musical fantasies in full vivid color, with each session tailored specially to the wants of the artist. With head producer and sonic visionary Oliver Ignatius at the controls, a range of priceless vintage equipment and one of the last exquisite sounding, LARGE live rooms left in NYC, Holy Fang strives to collaborate with and develop the recording careers of true artists of all styles. Its special, philanthropic focus on developing the recording careers of talented, unique artists in an uncertain time for the record business is just one more thing that sets Holy Fang apart. It is our greatest pleasure to realize the dream of the individual. Book a session today!